Providing hockey and skating opportunities for the boys and girls of Northwestern Connecticut.

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Icehawks home games will be live streamed to the Icehawks YouTube channel ( 

All games scheduled for each weekend will be pre-programmed as live events on YouTube.  The camera consists of a phone mounted on a tripod.  It should be plugged in already to remain charged all of the time. The camera will be located on the bleachers roughly on the center-ice red line.

To live stream:

  • Press the button on the right side (facing up to the ceiling) to turn on the phone's screen.  The power is usually on for the phone, but if the phone had shut off, just hold that button in a little longer to start the phone.  There's no password on the phone.
  • Press "Screenlabs" icon (which should be in the middle of the screen) 
  • Once the program launches, click the red broadcast icon located in the lower right of the screen.  It looks like: ((o))
  • Choose the "Stream IRL" button
  • Choose "Upcoming Event" (start a scheduled event)
  • Choose your team's game from the list. If for some reason your team's game isn't listed, click "New Broadcast"
  • Use the tripod to follow the play.  The screen can be "pinched" with 2 fingers to zoom in or zoom out. Hint: Don't zoom in too far in because it's very difficult to follow the play. Plus, the coaches will want to get a better view of the full ice for player positioning.
  • When the game is over, press the white and red "Stop" button in the lower right of the screen (red square).
  • Choose "Finish Event" to stop the broadcast.


Other hints:

Double tapping the screen will change from the front-facing camera to the selfie camera.  Unless you want your face on the broadcast, that's probably not what you want!  Just double tap the screen again. It will switch back to the front-facing camera.

If the broadcast crashes and goes back to the phone's home screen.  Just start over by following the same instructions above. The only difference is that you'll choose "Active Event" instead of and "Upcoming Event" to get the broadcast re-started again.